Long Nguyen : code artificer

I combine art, design, and code to bring my imagination alive. I love it so much!

I'm a front-end software engineer that has been coding for about 10 years. I'm quite the romantic and dreamer about art and design. I daydream visual ideas and attempt to code it. After all, I'm coding because I'm also a designer. And to me, great design is about solving visual problems to empower people and the human spirit. This is directly in line with front-end engineering. I'm madly obsessed with visual fidelity whether that's in a11y, aesthetics, performance, motion, or anything else your eyes can see.

My experience is mainly in the JavaScript ecosystem including NodeJS, React, and Typescript. If it's on a browser and there's a visual, I can make it real. Outside of that, I can speak Java, Python, and C. I love tinkering with these ecosystems because there are interfaces possible beyond the browser. I also toy with backend and cloud tech too if I'm hungry to play with data.

Outside of my day work, I love making art and visuals. I play video games, work out, cook, get inspired by life and make art. Nowadays, intersecting graphics design and technical art has been a wonderful creative exercise. I hope I get good enough to make truly unfathomable and impossible interfaces — ones only Long Nguyen would ever think of.